Care Compass Network is Awarded Funds Through the Additional High-Performance Program (AHPP)

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Care Compass Network (CCN) is pleased to announce that on September 5, 2017 CCN was awarded $968,000 form the New York State Department of Health through the AHPP. In addition, due to the performance of the PPS’, CCN was awarded an additional $3.1 million from the pool of unearned AHPP funds.

The AHPP program has an annual designation for an additional $50 million of funding within the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program for the 25 PPS’ to potentially earn based on their performance on the nine measures that all PPS’ have in common through their project selection. Based on the attribution methodology, CCN’s component of the annual funding was determined to be $968.000 or roughly 2% of the overall available funding.

One of the goals of the AHPP program is to place a strong emphasis on metric performance, with a relative guarantee that the $50 million will be preserved for distribution each year. Therefor, if a PPS does not achieve their AHPP payment in a given year the missed funding would be reallocated on an attribution basis between the PPS’ that did achieve their AHPP metrics for the year. As a result, there exists potential for a PPS to earn the minimum allocated funding as well as additional upside funding above and beyond the designated AHPP awards.

Through the hard work and dedication of our staff and partner organizations, CCN was able to pass 5 out of the 9 high performance metrics. “This is an incredible accomplishment for the partners that compose the broader PPS and speaks to the high level of care nd transformation underway in our communities,” said Mark Ropiecki, Executive Director of Care Compass Network.

While there is still significant and challenging work to be performed in our collective efforts to transform healthcare for the Medicaid population, CCN was able to move up in the rankings to become the 8th ranked PPS based on the ‘available funds earned’. “We are certainly making a clear DSRIP footprint of how quality healthcare is being delivered and transformed in our region of NY,” shared Ropiecki. “With great excitement and momentum, we look forward to the continued implementation of all our various plans and building on the successes.”

What Does This Mean for CCN Partner Organizations?

The CCN Board of Directors, will begin meeting to discuss further implementation plans for the $4.1 million that CCN was recently awarded. The Board of Directors will be working to develop plans on how to best use and distribute the funds to our partner organizations through new innovation programs, etc.

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