Patient and Professional Perceptions of Electronic Health Records

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SelectHub, a software and technology firm, recently surveyed over 1,000 patients who have access to their electronic health record (EHR) and over 100 medical professionals in regards to their experiences using EHR’s. Medical professionals were asked their opinions on the use of EHR’s in the workplace as well as comparing EHR’s to the traditional method of record-keeping. SelectHub found that 86% of the medical professionals surveyed, felt that EHR’s made their jobs easier and 63% of them believed that EHR’s also made direct communication with patients easier.

On the other side, the patients who had access to an EHR, were asked about their perceived importance of having access to an EHR, how many times they access their health records as well as how well did their provider explain how to access their records. Of the 1,000 patients surveyed, SelectHub found that 64% felt it was moderately to very important to have access to their EHR, but only 59% felt that their provider adequately explained how to access their records.

Overall, both patients and medical providers viewed the use of EHR’s positively. For additional information on the survey, visit SelectHub to see the survey results.

Source: SelectHub, Patient & Professional Perceptions of Electronic Health Records

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