What Does Health Equity Mean in Your Community?

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The National Academy of Medicine (NAM), a non-profit research organization, is looking for artists to create their vision of what health equity would look like to them, Health equity is where everyone within a community has a fair chance at living a healthy lifestyle. Many choices people make depend on the choices that are available to them. For example, you may know that eating healthy is important, but may not have access to a grocery store in your community, or have access to a car or public transportation, or money to buy fresh fruits and vegetables.

NAM’s nationwide community art project, part of the Culture of Health program, is sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation which works to identify solutions to support equitable good health for all Americans. Artwork submitted for the Community Art project will help NAM and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, understand what Americans nationwide see as important health challenges and opportunities facing their communities.

Artwork submissions must be submitted by September 4, 2017.

Click here for further information about the Community Art project or to submit your artwork.