Workforce Behavioral Health Recruitment Program FAQ

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In November, Care Compass Network (CCN) announced the rollout of their Workforce Recruitment Program, where partner organizations can submit RFPs for review. During the month of November, the Workforce Development team received several questions in regards to the program and application process. We have prepared an FAQ document with those questions and answers which you will find below. Or you can click here to download the PDF version.

How is payment made to SearchStars if they successfully recruit for our position? We pay them directly? Through CCN? Pay our portion minus the $10,000?
If a partner organization chooses to take advantage of the recruitment services of SearchStars, the partner will have a contract directly with SearchStars. Payment to SearchStars is due within 30 days from the start date of the new hire. This payment will be made directly from the partners organization to SearchStars. Upon receipt of proof of the start date of the new hire, CCN will submit payment of 50% (up to $10,000) of recruitment fees to the partner organization to be used to help pay the SearchStars invoice.

How does the agency access the $10,000 subsidy? Is it a reimbursement for costs? Reduced amount sent to SearchStars?
The subsidy is meant to assist in the recruitment costs for the successful placement of these positions. As stated above, the subsidy will be released to the partner organization upon proof of start date of new hire. The partner organization will be ultimately responsible for the payment of the full recruitment costs to SearchStars or other recruitment firm of the partner’s choice.

In section II, you ask for “Vacancy  Rates”…is this simply the number of open positions within each position?…or some other calculation?
Yes. In the “Vacancy Rate” area, we are looking for a number of positions per job title that you are actively recruiting for.

You indicate it will be a “lottery” process to select the awards. What is the total amount of funding that CCN has set aside for this RFA and within each RPU?
CCN has funding set aside to support the subsidy of 50% (up to $10,000 or recruitment feeds, for a total of 55 Behavioral Health workers.

Since it is a lottery, can we assume that some applicants will not receive funding?
Because this is a lottery, there is a possibility that some applicants will not receive funding. However, the funding will be distributed throughout each RPU in an equitable manor so that each organization has an equal opportunity to be chosen for a subside. No organization will be weighted more heavily than another in the lottery process.

Will there be relocation funds available if we are able to recruit from outside of our area?
No. Relocation funding will not be available for this program.

What items will be considered to be part of “Recruitment Fees”?
Items that can be counted towards the recruitment fees to be subsidized include the following:

  • Recruitment placement fee
  • Position specific advertising costs
  • Travel expenses directly related to the interview process
  • One background check and one drug test per new hire

What if I have just recently filled a behavioral health position at my organization? Will I have access to subsidy funds for that position?
Yes. The new hire must have started their employment by November 1, 2017 or later. The partner must still fill out an application and be chosen as an awardee in order to receive a subsidy.

How are all of the detailed workings of this program going to be governed?
All of the details regarding how CCN will release payment to the partner organization and what steps and documentation will be required of the partner, will be included in an Appendix C contract. A completely executed contract will be required in order to participate in the recruitment program.