About Care Compass Network

Care Compass Network (CCN) is a not-for-profit, community organization that was created to champion new models of providing Medicaid members and the community at large, with higher quality of care, while reducing expenses through care coordination and community-focused care and education.

CCN convenes and collaborates with over 165 partner organizations, which include hospital systems, community-based organizations, nursing homes, behavioral health and substance use disorder programs, social services agencies, and similar entities.

CCN received funding from the New York State Department of Health to develop a comprehensive plan for expanding and improving healthcare delivery within our 9-county region, as well as help healthcare organizations make the transition from a traditional fee-for-service model to a new, pay-for-performance approach or Value-Based Payment (VBP) program.

Our Mission

The mission of Care Compass Network (CCN) is to improve the health and well-being of the community members in the CCN service area by supporting the development of enduring partnerships of clinical and community service providers and empowering those partnerships to flourish in a value-based payment environment.

Our Vision

By 2020, Care Compass Network will have demonstrated improved health and wellness among Medicaid Members through the successful implementation of the DSRIP projects and the development of integrated clinical and community network (project 2ai) that effectively engaged Medicaid Members in coordinated, culturally sensitive services utilizing the most appropriate, effective setting given the medical, behavioral, social, and health literacy needs.


  • Maximize DSRIP funding for investment in transformation
  • Organize and operationalize integrated networks
  • Expand Innovation funding to pilot new processes and provide insight to the best methods to achieve DSRIP goals with Medicaid Members

Vision 2025

By 2025, CCN envisions a care delivery environment that is more collaborative and better structured to deliver services that are integrated and coordinated around a person’s needs. CCN will advance the transformation to supportive systems of care as:

  • Convener of stakeholders
  • Provider of services for network formation and operations
  • Catalyst for innovation

Together, CCN and its stakeholders are committed to service delivery that improves the health and well-being of our communities.

Community Health Needs Assessment

In order to get a full representation of the healthcare marketplace in the Care Compass Network region, RMS, an independent market research firm, conducted a 3-tier qualitative and quantitative market research study comprised of:

      1. An online survey shared with healthcare providers, community leaders across many organizations, and the general community.
      2. In-depth telephone interviews with healthcare providers and community leaders.
      3. Focus groups across the counties with recruited community residents.

To learn more about the research, review the Community Health Assessment Report