Innovation Fund Program

Launched in 2015, the Innovation Fund program was developed to support partner organizations in the development or expansion of programs that support the transformation of healthcare delivery, and improve patient outcomes and the overall experience for the Medicaid population within our 9-county region. Going into our 4th round of the Innovation Fund program, Care Compass Network (CCN) will award another $2 million to organizations across the Southern Tier.

In alignment with the NYS Department of Health’s Value-based Payment (VBP) Roadmap, Care Compass Network’s final round of the Innovation Fund program will be contracted with Safety Net partners only. We encourage non-Safety Net providers to collaborate with Safety Net providers to submit proposals, but all funding and contracting will be done with the Safety Net provider as the lead contracting entity. Additional information around this new requirement can be found at the bottom of page 14 in the Innovation Fund RFP document.

Proposals must be submitted to Care Compass Network by Thursday, January 31, 2019. All proposals will be scored by an independent evaluator not associated by Care Compass Network.

CCN’s Population Health team is available to partner organizations in need of analytical support to show their footprint within their region or analytical data that helps support their proposal, showing its potential impact.

Innovation Fund Program Timetable:

Distribution of RFP                                                                     November 1, 2018
Submit RFP  or Population Health Questions                       November 30, 2018
Responses to RFP Questions                                                     December 14, 2018
Submission of RFP                                                                      January 31, 2019
Announcement of Awardees                                                     February 2019 (estimated)

Innovation Funds RFP: Download Application Form

Round 3 Innovation Fund Awardees

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Round 2 Innovation Fund Awardees

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Round 1 Innovation Fund Awardees

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Regional Performance Unit (RPU) Support Funds

The Regional Performance Unit (RPU) Support Funds are intended to serve as alternative funding for activities which do not fall within the scope of one of Care Compass Network’s (CCN’s) contracted projects, but will still further greater integration of the delivery system. These activities may address social determinants of health (e.g., economic instability, housing, transportation, early childhood education, access to primary care, access to affordable, healthy food, etc.) or support collaborations to improve service delivery efficiencies within the RPU.

All Care Compass Network Partners, located in our 9-county region, are eligible to apply for RPU Support Funds.  A CCN Partner is defined as an organization that has the following agreements in place with CCN: 1) executed Partner Agreement and 2) executed Business Associate Agreement (BAA).  Partners who have these agreements in place but are not currently contracted for projects are still eligible to apply.

For additional information or to request the application form, please contact your Partner Relations & Outreach Coordinator at:

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