Building a Brighter Tomorrow

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Care Compass Network recently collaborated with Binghamton University School of Social Work to provide SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment) training to 17 Masters in Social Work students. The training was incorporated into an elective course, “Addictions and Social Work,” and students who completed the training became certified in SBIRT.

SBIRT training further enhanced the students’ knowledge and abilities that will help them make an impact when addressing Substance Use Disorder needs. Several students, during their final presentations, spoke on how impactful SBIRT will be on their future clients/ patients.

Bouakham Rosetti, Program Manager for 3ai – Integration of Behavioral Health and Primary Care and 4aiii – Strengthening Infrastructure Across Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Programs/ Prevention, had the opportunity to speak with the students further about SBIRT and the impact this evidence-based practice can have. She further discussed with the students the work that Care Compass Network and our fellow PPS across the state our doing in regards to improving access and quality of care for the Medicaid population through integration of primary care and behavioral health, workforce recruitment, and program development. This training is one of many that CCN is working on to bring to graduating students and partner organizations across our PPS.