Care Compass Network Announces EHR Incentive Program

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An electronic health record (EHR) or electronic medical record (EMR) is the means by which patient health information is stored and shared digitally. More and more health systems and provider practices are moving in this direction if they haven’t done so already. For those who have not incorporated the technology into their business operations, Care Compass Network (CCN) offers an opportunity to make it happen.

Over 10 million dollars in DSRIP funding has been earmarked for bringing healthcare organizations in the 9-county region up-to-date with digital patient record keeping. The initiative is part of the Integrated Delivery System project, the first of eleven projects outlined as priorities for Care Compass Network.

Digital record keeping not only helps the health systems store and review the patient health information efficiently, but it also benefits the patients in the ability to share information across platforms between multi-discipline providers. This is especially helpful when a patient is being referred to another practice for follow-up or when diagnostic testing results need to be shared with more than one provider at a time. For example, a patient recovering from an orthopedic surgery would most likely need their records shared with their Primary Care provider as well as the clinic that is managing the patient’s rehabilitation. Similarly, a patient experiencing concerning heart abnormalities would likely be referred to both a Cardiology practice as well as an Imaging office for diagnostic testing. When all of these offices are set up to send and receive the provider notes, images and reports digitally, the patient care is comprehensive and the communication between offices can be seamless.

Care Compass Network recognizes that while this technology was implemented for many healthcare organizations during the Medicare and  Medicaid EHR Incentive Program, there are a number of organizations in the CCN region that are still working with hand written records or outdated software. Long-term Care facilities, post-acute care clinics and community based organizations are among the numerous entities that did not fall under the required “medical practice” or “hospital” umbrella. Through this initiative, partner organizations are also encouraged to establish connectivity with a Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO). In the CCN 9-county region potential RHIO alliances can be set up with HealthlinkNY, Health-e-Connections or Rochester RHIO.

Rebecca Kennis is the IT Director for Care Compass Network and one of the contacts interested organizations should reach out to her if they are interested in participation in this funding opportunity. “It’s amazing to be in a position to help organizations implement this technology or upgrade their current software,” shared Kennis. “The program ultimately helps everyone from the providers to the patients,” Kennis commented.

This opportunity is not restricted to traditional medical practices but also extends to behavioral health practices and any healthcare organization that treats the Medicaid population within the 9-county Performing Provider System (PPS). If the organization does not have electronic records or has outdated software, the risk of error is that much greater for the organizations and ultimately jeopardizes the best outcome for the patient. For this reason, all organizations are encouraged to contact Care Compass Network to begin the Incentive Program process.

Interested organizations can contact Rebecca Kennis by email at or by calling 607-240-2556. Regional Program Unit (RPU) Partner Relations Coordinators are also available to answer questions and help begin the process. They are listed by area:

South RPU
Jessica Grenier: 607-240-2559 /

East RPU
Kris Bailey: 607-240-2562 /

West RPU
Danielle DePue: 607-240-2580/

North RPU
Sally Colletti: 607-240-2577/