Care Compass Network Collaborates with Partner Organizations to Increase Recruitment Efforts and Hire New Talent

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The demand for more employees on healthcare teams is growing. As Care Compass Network (CCN) collaborates with partner organizations to launch innovative projects that increase access and quality of care in the 9-county region, new opportunities are opening for team members who provide services to keep people healthy and get the care they need. To meet this demand CCN designed the Workforce Development Recruitment Program which aims to develop a pipeline of new workers to fill current and emerging roles that are needed.

A gap analysis was performed in 2016 to understand where the highest employment vacancies were for various positions within the Performing Provider System (PPS). The $1.4 million dollars allotted to the Workforce Development Recruitment Program assists partner organizations in recruiting for these high need positions.

In February 2018 applications for the program were released, and funding was awarded on a first come, first serve basis. The funding amount was based on the level of licensure necessary for that position being applied for. By April 2018 money for the recruitment of 121 new jobs had been awarded to 27 partner organizations. Included in that count are opportunities for primary care physicians, registered nurses, social workers, mental health aides, and substance use/ behavioral disorder counselors.

Funding can be used for recruiting costs from hiring search firms and advertising positions to background checks or assistance with employee relocation. Organizations are given their initial funding upfront and a bonus subsidy once the new hire has begun work. One caveat to the bonus funds is that new hires must not be recently employed at another partner organization. This is to encourage partner organizations to find new talent to bring into the area, enhancing the skilled talent already found in the region.

Many of the positions recruited for have been filled by those moving from outside of the 9-county area or those who are just beginning work in their career field. Workforce Development Project Manager, Molly French, relates a story of a recent hire at a partner organization that transitioned from the education field. “She had her social work license but hadn’t been functioning as a social worker just yet. As a result of this organization getting the funding from us they were able to recruit her. New we have a net add into the social work industry that we didn’t have before.”

Adding these new positions will not only support the projects that CCN is implementing but will also allow a better quality of care for the consumers that are using these services. There will be more health care workers available to support patients and a shorter wait time for patients to receive the care that they need. The Workforce Development Recruitment Program is helping to bring quality people to provide quality care to our communities.