Care Compass Network Offers Grant Services to Partner Organizations

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Writing grant proposals can take a large amount of time and effort to research, prepare, and write. Care Compass Network (CCN) offers grant services to partner organizations in our 9-county region in order to help them be or become sustainable and continue funding for their innovative initiatives.

Our grant services assist partners with grant readiness, writing, and post-funding grant management. As well as searching for and disseminating information for new grant funding opportunities that are applicable.

CCN serves as a knowledgeable guide to ensure partners are submitting the best applications possible. “The goal is to lift the burden of grant management for small to midsize community-based organizations without a development specialist or grant manager,” says Kate Hoeflein, Grants Manager at Care Compass Network.

In working with partners for grant readiness CCN helps examine their capacity for new funding streams. This includes the assessment of organizational structure and workforce, readying financial reviews, and completing any strategic planning surrounding the project being funded. CCN provides assistance to critically think through the entire grant proposal process to build stronger applications and programs.

CCN also creates boilerplate materials, such as organizational history and statements of need, that agencies can easily use for all different applications. Once written, agencies can pull these boilerplates when applying for a new grant, saving them from rewriting each time. Because CCN employs data analysts, partners have access to population health data that can be included in their grant application. CCN’s data analysts have the ability to extract and package information in a cohesive way that saves partners time and money.

“The better you can tell your story of how you’ve used your funds and what the impact has been, the more likely you will be to receive funding,” says Hoeflein. While partners have critical first-hand knowledge and experience with their programs and clients, CCN can support and bolster grant applications by lending guidance with telling their story, budget development and writing, obtaining and organizing required documentation, and reviewing grants before they are submitted. With the wide breadth of knowledge CCN holds of grants and what funders like to see presented, this is a great resource for partners.

Once a grant has been awarded, CCN can help to facilitate development, sustainability, reporting, and data tracking. With multiple IT and data platforms that partners are able use, CCN will find the right fit to ensure success with reporting meaningful data to funders. As well, the CCN Grants Manager will help decipher the quantitative information – the numbers that prove the impacts of programs being administered – when reporting back to grant funders in an organized manner.

In addition to assisting singular entities, CCN’s grant services are also available to help partners apply collaboratively for grants. In the past CCN has facilitated brainstorming sessions to extract cohesive, collective plans for programming and determining the best way to apply for funding would be.

CCN’s grant services aim to support partners throughout the entire life cycle of a grant. They are not just assisting with grant writing but also ensuring that partners are thoroughly assessing their readiness for new funding, assisting in administering grants through IT and database support and helping to evaluate the impact programs have on the community they are serving. Hoeflein notes, “the more successful our partners are at securing and implementing grant funds, the more successful the community is.”

The monthly CCN e-newsletter has a Grants Watch section for partners that is organized around the six social determinants of health (i.e. Neighborhood, Education, Economic Stability, Community, Health Care System, and Mental and Behavioral Health).Partners that are interested in assistance can reach out to Kate Hoeflein, Grants Manager, at or (607) 240-2563 or to their RPU Lead.