Care Compass Network Launches the Open Network

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As we look to the future, CCN organizations across the Southern Tier are bringing the region to the forefront of high-quality, integrated health and social care services. The Open Network has been strategically designed to assist organizations and their employees in developing the necessary skills and expertise to create sustainable, high-quality services and programs that better the quality of life for community members, improve health equity, and serve the most vulnerable across our region. As participants of Care Compass Network, partners will have access to a variety of services and tools that cultivate connection, collaboration, and innovation.

Download CCN’s Open Network Resources and FAQ document.

Network Benefits


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To learn more about the benefits of the Care Compass Network, please email  or contact your regional representative.


Social Impact Pilot Program

In 2020, Care Compass Network (CCN) utilized a Strategic Advisory Workgroup, comprised of Community-based Organizations (CBOs) and Health Care System representatives from the service region, to work collaboratively and align CCN’s strategy with initiatives that would advance the Mission and Vision of the organization. A result of that process is the development of the Social Impact Pilot Program (SIPP). CCN is uniquely positioned to engage collaborating partners to execute SIPP Networks based on its expertise in improving outcomes through the advancement of system transformation and previous success in the formation and operation of community-level networks of care.

The SIPP engages CBOs to form networks that deliver value-driving services including addressing social determinants of health (SDOH) and engaging individuals around targeted clinical outcomes. The SIPP positions CCN and its network partners with the ability to access non-Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) Program funding streams, and align DSRIP funding with alternative sustainable resources. Please note: An executed Open Network Participation Agreement and Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with Care Compass Network will be required if your application is selected for participation in the SIPP. The Participation Agreement was made available in September 2021.