Care Compass Network: Partnering for a Resilient Community

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What if you knew you could make a difference? What if you knew a simple action could have a profound impact on another person’s life? Would you stand by or take a stand? We choose to take a stand.

Care Compass Network is honored to announce the formation of the CCN Regional Trauma Informed Care Network! Our team’s mission is to implement evidence-based trauma informed care by supporting the development of resilient and strong partnerships with individuals, families, and communities through advocacy, education, and empowerment. Our vision is lofty but impactful. The CCN Regional Trauma Informed Care Team envision a resilient community built upon strong partnerships, trust and compassion.

Comprised of nearly 30 passionate and dedicated team members, the CCN Regional Trauma Informed Care Network consists of champions and subject matter experts from 20 unique organizations throughout the Southern Tier of New York State collaborating to bring greater awareness and support to achieve this shared mission and vision.

Based upon the prevalence and impact of trauma, the CCN Regional Trauma Informed Care Network acknowledges that understanding a person’s life experiences is the key to delivering effective care, minimize staff burnout and has the potential to improve engagement, treatment, and health outcomes. With the high rate of staff burnout and continual increase in suicide rates across the population, it becomes a necessity to adopt and embrace trauma-informed care (TIC) approaches to help support our children, families, individuals, workforce and communities.

The CCN Regional Trauma Informed Care Network’s first deliverable is the development of a comprehensive Trauma Informed Care Implementation Toolkit. This quick & user-friendly project toolkit will support an organization in first evaluating their readiness, assembling a core implementation team, pre-implementation, implementation, and sustainability of trauma informed care practices. Once developed, this toolkit and supporting resources, will be available for use across our region in organizations such as schools, community-based organization, primary care settings, and healthcare systems.

Also, in development, is a regional Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Trauma Informed Care learning symposium. To be hosted by the CCN Regional Trauma Informed Care Network, the future symposium will focus on creating educational opportunities to strengthen and develop practical skills and evidence-based treatment approaches to further support the mission to implement trauma informed care, foster strong partnerships and build resilient communities.

Please contact Bouakham Rosetti, Project Manager, at with questions or for additional information regarding the CCN Regional Trauma Informed Care Network.