Children’s Home of Wyoming Conference Opens New Fitness Center

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On Thursday, January 8, 2021 the Children’s Home of Wyoming Conference held a press conference at the Southern Tier Community Center. The purpose of the press conference was to provide an update on the Southern Tier Community Center, and one of those updates was in regard to the opening of their new fitness center. Care Compass Network’s South Regional Lead, Brooke Abramson-Singh was in attendance for the press conference. Here are some comments from Brooke on the day’s event.

“Yesterday I had the privilege of attending a press conference called by Children’s Home of Wyoming Conference. You may remember that this agency purchased the old Boys and Girls Club in Endicott about a year ago and re-named it the Southern Tier Community Center. The purpose of the conference was for George Dermody (President/CEO) and Nichole ‘Nikki’ Post (Center Director) to thank their community partners for their support and to share what has occurred during the (as George called it) “rebirth” of the Center.

George acknowledged the Union-Endicott and Maine-Endwell school districts, Endicott mayor, Endicott Police Department, United Way of Broome County, the Klee Foundation and Decker Foundation, as well as all essential workers for their support and service in this endeavor. George also mentioned CCN, acknowledging the financial support we helped provide for their FLOW (Cohort) and Family NOW (Innovation) programs, noting our identity and focus on community health and wellness. In addition to providing school age child care and other programs, the Center will eventually have re-furbished recreation areas, a community garden, a swimming pool, and of course a re-designed cardio fitness center bearing the Care Compass Network name!”

Copy and photos provided by Brooke Abramson-Singh, Regional Lead, Care Compass Network