Employee Spotlight – Amy Gecan

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Amy Gecan is the new Director of Business Development and Strategy for Care Compass Network (CCN). Her role was created in May of 2021 when Amy started. She’s responsible for leading CCN’s strategy and supporting growth and development of the organization, monitoring and evaluating service line performance, identifying new revenue streams or business opportunities, and helping to lead go-to-market strategy development for the service lines. “I help set organizational priorities and serve as a strategic advisor to the leadership team,” Amy shared.

Prior to joining the leadership team at CCN, Amy spent 20 years working in hospitals and health systems before helping to launch a start-up nonprofit in Ithaca, called REACH Medical. She served as the Director of Finance and Strategy for the integrated substance use disorder clinic that provides a range of clinical and social services to its patients. REACH was born out of DSRIP and its early days were made possible from DSRIP funding. “If it weren’t for CCN, it would have been a lot more challenging to get REACH off the ground,” explained Amy. “Now it’s three and a half years past inception and serving people from over 30 counties in NYS!”

Amy was involved in the early days of CCN when a team of people from several organizations dedicated time to the DSRIP application. At that time, she was working for Cayuga Medical Center. She remembers that when CCN was in its infancy, the focus was on getting a basic infrastructure in place such as hiring staff and building the governance structure. “Prior to DSRIP and CCN, it was unheard of to see competing health systems collaborating,” Amy recalls. “CCN created a forum for competing organizations to come together to focus on improving the health of some of the most vulnerable individuals in the community. I witnessed this collaboration from within Cayuga Medical Center and I saw the positive impact it had on the hospital’s partnerships with community-based organizations locally as well.”

Amy observed first-hand CCN’s growth from the ground up as it built an infrastructure that would convene over 170 partner organizations, deploying millions of dollars. “I would say CCN has grown and matured its capabilities significantly in six years,” she shared. “One of the first things I noticed when I started working here is how engaged and talented the team is. I always knew there was a lot of talent at CCN because that was very visible to the partners, but the level of engagement and dedication you see from within is incredible.”

CCN has established itself as a true asset to the community. “When you look at where we were at midpoint to where we ended up at the end of DSRIP, I don’t think there’s another PPS who had a greater level of improvement,” Amy remarked. “At the end of the day, CCN was a huge success. We are positioned to accelerate our impact as we move to the next phase of our strategy implementation. DSRIP prepared CCN very well for being able to serve as a resource to our partners and continue to support healthcare transformation.”

When asked about her favorite aspect of her work, Amy shared that she enjoys the fact that the work is very strategic and has significant impact across an entire region. “At CCN, we utilize our network of partners to carry out our mission of improving the health and wellbeing of the community.”  Amy described CCN as an intermediary, providing support and services to partners so they can do what they do best. She deeply values working for an organization that focuses on innovation, allowing for time and space to think creatively.

Amy received her Bachelors degree from the University of California at San Diego and did her post-graduate work at San Diego Mesa College.