Employee Spotlight: Andrea Rotella

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Andrea Rotella began her career at Care Compass Network (CCN) in the fall of 2016 as a Compliance Officer. Since then, her role has evolved to include privacy protocols and oversight of contract management. She is a key member of CCN’s leadership team and particularly enjoys her part in setting strategy and developing operational goals. “We are always evolving and changing,” Andrea shared.

Before CCN, Andrea worked at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in risk, compliance, and legal and her work with contracts served her well in the early days at CCN. “I set up a management and review process for our numerous contracts and collaborated with colleagues to be sure everything required was properly represented,” she explained. “Previously, contracts were handled by project managers.” Now a member of her team serves as Contract Manager and oversees this area, taking the process to a new level.

Like many of her colleagues, Andrea teleworks during the pandemic. She describes part of her job as wearing an “HR hat”. “When the pandemic necessitated working from home, I helped create a procedure for CCN“. Soon after CCN and many of its partners began teleworking, some of CCN’s partners reached-out and requested training on this, as well as maintaining privacy and security for their patients and clients in the new remote working environment.

CCN is mandated to have a compliance program and compliance training must be either implemented or provided to their partners. In 2018, in order to best understand where partners were with their compliance programs and/or training modules, Andrea conducted an audit. Once the audit concluded, the CCN Board of Directors asked Andrea to provide training for partners who didn’t have a program in place. Since then, the Compliance Program Coordinator in her department helped undertake a follow-up to that audit and assists with trainings.

Andrea cited Fraud, Waste and Abuse and HIPAA Privacy as areas of opportunity for more learning. “Some of our partners didn’t need to comply with HIPAA in the past and are now putting protocols into place to protect the privacy of their clients,” she explained. Andrea helps the partners understand things like when documents need to go through a shredder instead of the garbage and trains partners on how to encrypt spreadsheets to prevent being hacked. “My goal is always to try to provide information that is relatable to what they are experiencing.” She further pointed out that when these organizations first started, they didn’t foresee the depth of partnerships they would eventually have with health systems. “For some of our partners, it was all very grass roots in the beginning so it’s not a surprise that they didn’t have the privacy and compliance knowledge.”

Andrea also helped in the obtainment of Security Systems Protocols (SSP) and HITRUST certification for CCN. The certifications assure that data within a healthcare IT system has a particular level of security as a result of high levels of controls being in place. “The certifications give our partners and vendors the level of comfort they need knowing we have the necessary controls in place to ensure privacy and security of their data.”

When asked about favorite aspects of her work Andrea highlighted the diverse backgrounds of her colleagues. “I love what we all bring to the table and what we are able to create as a result,” She explained. “We have a lot of talent in many different areas which makes our pace and quality of service unmatched! It’s an exciting challenge to be pioneers in an ever-evolving area of health care.”