Employee Spotlight: Dawn Sculley

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Dawn Sculley was one of the first five employees with Care Compass Network (CCN), beginning her work with the newly formed team to implement the New York State DSRIP Program in August of 2015. She serves as the Director of Project Management for a team of six including four Project Managers and two Project Management Coordinators. Dawn has led the planning, implementation, execution, and reporting of the projects including completion and reporting of milestones and deliverables to maximize the funds CCN receives and distributes to the 9-county community.

Prior to joining CCN, Dawn was a Software Quality Engineer at Universal Instruments Corporation in Binghamton. She was responsible for managing projects for nearly twenty years before transitioning to healthcare.

“Healthcare was new to me but I quickly realized that it’s an area of work that affects everyone,” she explained. “At the time, I brought with me experience working with cross functional teams along with awareness of human resources and helped create internal policies and procedures for CCN and formed an internal committee to review them.”

Dawn also reflected on her role as the women’s volleyball coach at Broome Community College and how that experience influenced her approach to leadership. “It taught me how to have tough conversations while also inspiring people,” she shared.

During her time at Universal Instruments, Dawn had the opportunity to work with teammates from a sister company in India and mentor a team of colleagues who traveled to the United States to work. She helped them adjust to the culture and coached and encourage them as they transitioned to life and work in this country.

“I truly enjoy watching people develop and grow,” Dawn exclaimed. “My team at CCN serves as Project Managers for the DSRIP projects and other CCN initiatives with each of them managing anywhere from one to six projects of varying size and scope.” Dawn makes a point to meet with her team weekly as a group and with individual team members one-on-one every two weeks.

These regular meetings and coaching sessions allow the group to share knowledge between team members, provide updates relative to each of the projects and milestones that needed to be complete by specific dates, including project specific services tracked by the state each quarter.

The Project Management Team also works with the Operations team to train partners on the reporting process including what services are qualified for reimbursement and how to report them.

“The relationship with the CCN partners is really bi-directional,” Dawn explained. “They teach us as much as we teach them.”  On a monthly basis, CCN disbursed over $550K to partners as a result of services provided through these projects.

When asked what she enjoys most about her work Dawn shared, “I think my favorite part of leading the Project Management team is working with a dynamic group of people to develop creative solutions to challenges that arise while implementing projects and initiatives. We’re all part of a big change in healthcare and it’s really amazing to be part of a team that’s clearly making a difference. Witnessing the magnitude of change through collaboration is very exciting.”

Looking ahead and considering the feedback from partners, Dawn feels confident that the collaboration is moving healthcare in the right direction and the momentum is building. “They tell me that we really need to keep this going because the progress we’ve all made together has been remarkable.” Dawn believes her team is well positioned to continue to take a lead role in managing new initiatives for CCN and its partner organizations as they arise.