One of Care Compass Network’s main goals is to build a sustainable, high-quality integrated healthcare delivery system that will improve the health outcomes of the Medicaid members and the community, while lowering costs. Care Compass Network contracts with a variety of providers across the care continuum, such as hospital systems, nursing homes, behavioral health and substance use disorder programs, social services agencies, community-based organizations, and similar entities.

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  • Collaboration

    Collaboration Across the Continuum of Care: Building Relationships to Support an Effective Provider and Community-based Network

    Care Compass Network supports and encourages partners to develop and establish collaborative partnerships/ coalitions to better meet the needs and demands of addressing the patient’s socio, behavioral and medical needs effectively. Our partners from across our nine-county region are collaborating to ensure patients are effectively and efficiently treated and discharged. One such collaboration is an independent counseling agency embedding a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW/ LCSW-R) in a primary care clinic to provide brief onsite counseling, interventions and assessments.

    Collaboration can be between the following:

      • Primary Care Clinics
      • Community-based Organizations
      • Hospitals
      • Health Homes
      • Skilled Nursing Facilities
      • Behavioral Health Providers and Agencies
      • Home Care Agencies
      • Specialty Care Providers
      • Diagnostic & Treatment Centers (D&TCs) and Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs)

    Community-based Organization (CBO) Tiers – Defined by the Department of Health

    Tier 1: Non-profit, non-Medicaid billing, community-based social and human service organization (i.e. social services, housing, religious organizations)
    Tier 2: Non-profit, Medicaid billing, non-clinical service providers (i.e. transportation, care coordination)
    Tier 3: Non-profit, Medicaid billing, clinical and clinical support service providers

    Contracted Partners

    Interested in Collaboration?

    Are you interested in collaborating with other organizations? If yes, please take few minutes to fill out our partner collaboration form below.  To view other partners that are looking to collaborate, click the ‘View Partners’ link below.

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