Shared Learnings

The Shared Learnings platform is a collection of toolkits, best practices, lessons learned, impact results, and novel approaches that have been developed by Care Compass Network and CCN’s partner organizations throughout the course of the 5-year Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program.

Shared Learnings

Implementation Toolkit

Buprenorphine Initiation In Emergency Department: A Community Collaborative Approach
The emergency department is the front lines of the opioid crisis. Arnot Ogden Medical Center in partnership with CASA-Trinity of Chemung County launched a pilot program in March 2018 to see if an outreach program designed to offer immediate medication-assisted treatment access would be feasible in community hospital emergency departments. This toolkit will take you through the benefits, lessons learned, and a brief step-by-step guide to implement a similar program.
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Download Buprenorphine/ Emergency Department Workflow Visual

Navigation Toolkit

Community Navigation Toolkit
The Community Navigation Toolkit is intended to be used for new onboarding staff who are working with individuals on a daily basis to identify needs, navigating through complex and diverse systems while ultimately building a trusting relationship with the client over time to avoid misuse of medical care.
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Palliative Care Toolkit

Implementing Palliative Care into Primary Care: A Toolkit for Providers & the Palliative Care Community
The Palliative Care Toolkit will introduce you to what Palliative Care is, what services it provides, the benefits of Palliative Care, and a brief guide into evaluative your organizations readiness to implement Palliative Care and a brief step-by-step guide to implementation.
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