NYS Department of Health Announces DSRIP 2.0

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On Wednesday May 8th, Greg Allen, Director Financial Planning & Policy presented a timeline for a DSRIP renewal, including approach with CMS and potential focus areas.

  • The renewal/extension will also include the extension of the overarching MRT.  Of note, MRT is currently in place through 2021, so we would expect this renewal to extend year(s) beyond 2021.
  • Greg remarked that VBP has not proven yet to be the vehicle of sustainability, and that the wins we have identified through DSRIP 1.0 need to be more broadly adopted and sustained.  The focus of DSRIP 2.0 needs to be more narrow than the projects of DSRIP 1.0 (not so many projects!) and potentially focus in areas not touched by DSRIP 1.0, with various examples of youth services and social determinants.
  • Greg shared perspective that the work of the PPSs has shown great results and there has been tremendous value to having these (PPS) organizations that are independent from both payers and providers.

The State will be issuing a white paper on best practices ‘Summer 2019’ and open public comment. To support this effort, CCN will be distributing a survey to partners and aggregating a regional public comment with the support of the PAC Executive Committee. Partners are encouraged to share their feedback through the survey or directly with their RPU support team who will help aggregate all feedback to the PAC Executive Council in June/July 2019.