Patient Activation Measures – Project 2.d.i


There are many reasons why people do not interact with the health care system, such as lack of knowledge of health issues, language, literacy, lack of insurance or understanding of coverage, cultural barriers, embarrassment, to name a few. Due to these issues, this project is focused on increasing patient activation related to health care paired with increased resources that can help the uninsured as well as the non-and-low utilizing populations, helping them gain access to and take advantage of the benefits that are associated with the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) projects, particularly primary and preventative services.

Care Compass Network’s Goals

  • Provide knowledge, skills, and the confidence to actively engage in patients’ health and change behaviors to achieve better health outcomes.

Who is Eligible to Participate in the Project?

Any Hospital or Community-based Organization that provides a service(s) to Medicaid members and the uninsured within Care Compass Network’s nine-county region.

Latest News & Updates

Care Compass Network to hold PAM Survey Training – November 14, 2017

CCN is hosting a Project 2di PAM Survey training for organizations who have identified training needs in their 2di contract for DSRIP Year 3. The focus of the training is to have new staff understand the project, how to administer the PAM Survey, and use the Coaching for Activation Tool. Register Here.

Important Notice – Quarterly Reporting due by October 25th – October 18, 2017

For Partners Contracted to do Project Work: With the first 6 months of DSRIP Year 3 complete, CCN must submit the patient engagement reporting data to the DSRIP Independent Assessor in order to earn performance dollars tied to speed and scale. If you have not submitted your date for April 1st – September 30th 2017, please submit your activity by October 25th. All speed and scale reports or any document (could include a screenshot, email, word document, excel file, etc) that includes PHI should be submitted via the sFTP site. For additional information on the sFTP site, please here to view the CCN sFTP Guide.

Care Compass Network Supports Partner Organizations Through IT Funding Opportunities – August 24, 2017

Care Compass Network (CCN) can help support partner organizations through approved IT funding opportunities. Currently, programs are in place to assist partners with new implementations of EMR/ EHR systems and to provide funding to accommodate […] Read More