September Stakeholders Meeting Recap

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During our September 13th Stakeholders meeting, participants attended workshop sessions that centered around the theme of ‘The Power of Story Telling”. Guest speaker, Dr. Matthew Lewis opened up the workshop with a session on how the use of stories can be used as a methodology for engaging individuals, teams, organizations, and payors, and creating a shared sense of purpose. Following our keynote speaker, participants attended different breakout sessions to hear presentations from fellow peers on how they are creating effective partnership and developing their evidenced based stories to improve the health and well-being of those they serve.

Keynote Speaker: The Power of Story Telling with Dr. Matthew Lewis

Session Description: Stories can be used to inspire, to help support team building, are an important aspect of leadership development, can help manage team transformation, and stories serve as a reminder that we are not alone in our passions and interests. But how do we enable the practical, intentional, and impactful use of storytelling? Dr. Matthew Lewis will share with you how the use of stories can be used as a methodology for both engaging individuals and creating a shared sense of purpose.

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Breakout Session: Cohort Management Program Panel Discussion

Session Description: The Cohort Management Program is designed to support the active management of priority Medicaid population cohorts, whereby partners from networks, integrate services, and are held jointly accountable for population outcomes. Panelists from 4 different organizations, will discuss design considerations in Cohort Network formation, selection of the cohort population, and the challenges, barrier and/or successes that have been experienced.

Panelists: Bouakham Rosetti (Moderator), Care Compass Network; Josephine Robles, Guthrie Clinic; Emily N. Mallar, Cayuga Health Partners; Megan Carroll, Our Lady of Lourdes Memorial Hospital; Kyli Osterhout, Chenango Health Network.

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Breakout Session: The Effective Partnership Story: An Innovative Health System – Community Based Organization Collaboration Care Transition Model

Session Description: Mothers and Babies Perinatal Network and UHS Hospitals collaborated to improve post-discharge results for mothers and newborns with Medicaid coverage. Participating in CCN’s Care Transitions project, Mothers and Babies Perinatal Network partnered with two local hospitals to deploy Health Coach services to over 500 new mothers, providing face-to-face visits and follow-up phone calls during the 30-day post maternity discharge. Mothers and Babies and UHS will present the results from their collaborative approach.

Panelists: Dawn Sculley (Moderator), Care Compass Network; Sharon Chesna, Mothers and Babies Perinatal Network; Jill Amara-Gutierrez, Mothers and Babies Perinatal Network; Rick Boland, UHS Hospitals, Inc.

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Breakout Session: Creating the Evidenced Based Story: From Assessment to Implementation

Session Description: CCN and Rural Health Network of South Central New York engaged community organization throughout Chenango and Delaware Counties in an effort to gauge VBP readiness. With a specific focus on measuring the impact of Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) interventions, this presentation will demonstrate how East RPU partners are preparing for VBP by illustrating impact on health outcomes, developing VBP data resources, defining organizational value statements, monetizing the service model, and identifying strategies to close gaps in VBP readiness.

Panelists: Lisa Berard (Moderator), Care Compass Network; Emma Nalin, Rural Health Network of South Central NY; Tracy Kulik, Germane Consulting.

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Breakout Session: Going Deeper: Co-constructing a Story of Action

Session Description: Dr. Matthew Lewis provides a deeper dive into how to tell a story that is impactful and inspires people to collaborate now. Whether it’s through grant writing, developing new programs, engaging your patients/clients, or developing new relationships with community organizations, health systems, clinical providers, and/or managed care organizations, you’ll receive tools during this workshop to help you develop a story of collective action that inspires and energizes those around you to act.

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Plenary Session: Creating an Evidenced Based Practice

Session Description: Tracy Kulik, MSPH from Germane Solutions shares their experience on what is happening on the national level around healthcare, VBP, and the development of best practice.

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Closing Remarks

Mark Ropiecki, Executive Director for Care Compass Network discusses how the work that the organizations within the Southern Tier are doing are putting the region on the map and we are becoming the focus of those outside the region.

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