Understanding Cultural Differences: Asian Culture

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In October at the 23rd Annual Asian American Mental Health Training Conference, Dr. Tazuko Shibusawa, PhD, LCSW discussed the differences between Western cultural beliefs with those of Asian culture during a plenary session. Dr. Shibusawa pointed out that often cultural beliefs and norms are unspoken and ingrained into our total being, that we often don’t even realize that we are holding onto them.

Dr. David Mee-Lee, another presenter at the conference, attended Dr. Shibusawa’s plenary session created a table of Western and Asian cultures on his Tips & Topics blog, that shows how some beliefs seem to be self-evident truths in Western Culture, but when compared to Asian culture, Asians would label them as an obvious truth.

Being cultural informed, can help guide providers in how they approach and treat each patient. While each patient and family are unique, understanding these cultural differences can help providers stay person-centered in their approach and help them provide quality, comprehensive care.

Source: Tips & Topics by Dr. David Mee-Lee, The Change Companies® – December 2017